On March 14th, 2020 Area A3 hosted their Table Topics and International Speech Contest at Whitehouse College, Singha Durbar. It was conducted jointly with Area A1. As soon as the contest of Area A1 ended, Area A3’s contest started at 2:44 pm led by the Contest Chair Toastmaster Namita Thapa. After the brief guidelines about the contest, the Table Topics Contest began with the chief judge Bhanu Kandel picking a chit to decide the topic. The topic was “Small things make perfection but perfection is not a small thing”. There were five speakers from different clubs ready to compete for the contest. 

Next was the International speech contest which was again chaired by Toastmaster Namita. The prepared speeches were beautifully delivered. The floor was flooded with amazing ideas and heart-melting messages from all the speakers. 

Toastmaster Parthivendra Upadhyaya from Bhairahawa Toastmaster’s Club was the winner of Table Topics Contest while Toastmaster Rahul Reddy was 1st runner up and Toastmaster Mridul Basnet was 2nd runner up. In the International Speech Contest, Toastmaster Sija Tripathee from KCM Toastmasters Club took the first place and the runner ups were Toastmasters Mridul Basnet and Washim Ansari respectively. The winners will be representing A3 at the Division Finals. 

Riti Subba, VPE and Aanshi Poudel 

KCM Toastmasters

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