Out of all things in life, ‘goodbye’ is the hardest thing to say, especially when it’s family.

Tourism Toastmasters family met at our President;s place – Manny’s eatery and Tapas bar to wish TM Mitali a prosperous future ahead as she’s moving to the USA with her family.

We all gathered at the venue by 6:30 and realized only a handful of Toastmasters had arrived. As toastmasters usually do we started talking about things like getting better at speaking, club contests, and all the other things that normal people talk about at a party.

As soon as TM Mitali arrived, the room was filled with joy and TM Shivraj, TM Sarik and myself started jamming. TM Sarik and I were on the guitar and TM Shivraj was alternating his cajon shift with TM Manoj. Honestly speaking, I just pretended to strum the chords because they started singing songs that were already old even before I was born.

Two of our area directors, TM Pankaj and TM Ankit blessed us with their presence too. Our club president TM Manny and Area Director of A6 TM Pankaj started dancing to our songs which brought the much needed life to the party. TM Mitali, TM Neha, TM Ankit, TM Roshan, TM Sandipa also joined. TM Radeep who had just completed his mobile photography training at Sap Falcha started taking pictures left, right, and center.

We sang, we danced but sadly we also said goodbye to one of the bubbliest, friendliest, and most caring members of Tourism Toastmasters. It was great to have you as a member of the club, a friend and someone I’ve always looked up to for life advice and motivation.

 With a grateful heart, we’d like to thank you for spreading smiles during meetings and during the regular postmasters session we used to have, for enlightening us with your speech about motherhood and also making an effort to stop using plastic bottles during our meetings as the TMoE. We wish you, the AH queen of our club, all the best for your future. 

TM Mitali, you are part of our family and this isn’t goodbye.

Sagar KC, Tourism Toastmasters Club, Secretary, Area 5, Division A, District 41

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