The installation ceremony of the new Executive Committee of Tourism Toastmasters took place on the 23rd of July 2019.

As a new member of the Toastmasters Club, all the 3 meetings I had attended so far had been different from one another. The very first meeting I took part, as a member, was in the regular format. Besides
being awed by the speakers, as I had always been when I had witnessed them as a guest, I also learned that it was soon time for the formation of a new board and a new President. I was looking forward to
the installation program.

The installation was held at Le Sherpa restaurant. The schedule of the meeting was changed slightly and the snacks were served before the meeting started. I arrived right on time at 5.45 pm – half an hour was allocated for snacks and settling down before the program. I had taken up the role of the timer and even when this was a role where you didn’t have to speak at all, I felt important and even a little nervous.

SAA Sagar called the meeting to order on time and handed over the stage to the President TM Pankaj who immediately made all the guests and members of other Clubs feel welcome with his ever calm and
confident welcome speech. The TMoE, TM Prajwol, had the popular series Game of Thrones as the theme, but not many among the audience were followers of the serial. Personally for me, being a big GoT fan, I could relate to all the dialogues and scenes he went through.

TM Namgyel led the table topics session smoothly and this was followed by the farewell speech from the out-going President TM Pankaj. The main part of the evening, the installation of the new board and President was conducted by TM Bhanu Dabadi and was followed by the energetic welcome speech by the new President TM Manny.

To continue the flow of the evening TM Shivraj and TM Sarik entertained the audience with a few songs strumming their guitar. The program was officially over after the group photo, but the atmosphere was too good and the members of Tourism Toastmasters wanted to stay more. TM Namgyel, also the owner of Le Sherpa organized a special corner for the party to continue.

Drinks, snacks, songs and even dances followed until late evening marking the end of the installation ceremony meeting.

Congratulations and best wishes to the new President TM Manny, the new executive committee and the entire club for a great year ahead!!!

Radeep Khadga, Tourism Toastmasters

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