Since the last five weeks a few days after the lock down here in Nepal, Toastmaster Shaurab Lohani came up with this excellent idea of starting virtual yoga classes in the morning as we had successfully started online Toastmasters meeting using zoom. This was discussed in our informal Whatsapp group and since then, we have been enjoying yoga classes for one hour every morning from 7:00 am by eminent yoga gurus. We had the honour of having Ravi Shankar Bhatt, Suvarna Shrestha Basnet, Pratibha Bhattarai, Rajendra Manandhar, and Diplove Gauam.

For me, this has been a great experience starting my day everyday with a yoga session and have not missed a single session since then. Initially some five years back I used to follow Baba Ram Dev and practiced what he preached but one fine day I just stopped and I really don’t know the reason why. So I am glad we have started this session.

At this time of the global pandemic, when we are all locked down in the house, I am keeping myself as busy as I can. For me to be ready at 7:00 am I have to get up at 6:00 am and to get up at 6:00 pm I have to sleep early latest by 10:30 pm. If I did not have to wake up early I would have watched Netflex till late at night and as a result gotten up really late. But with Yoga on my schedule, thankfully I have something to look forward to. After my yoga I go for an hour’s morning walk inside our compound, come back and have breakfast and then get ready for my online meeting with my school teachers which we have been doing everyday from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm.

After lunch I am free to do anything, like watch a movie, play my guitar or do some household work or write an aricle like this or attend some online sessions but not go to sleep in the day. Even if I dose I do that on my couch. Time just runs out and you are already in the late afternoon where I again go for a brisk walk. Get back home and  grab a cup of tea or coffee and am ready for many online Toastmasters meetings that are on every single day. I am sometime at two different meetings at the same time. After these meetings it dinner time and we have dinner, watch some TV or play games and its bed time.

So this way, I have been spending my days during this lock down. All these activities that I do, starts with yoga. I think it is the habit that if continued will make you do what you want. If one day I miss my yoga my routine will be shattered. So I would like to thank all my Yoga Gurus and fellow Toastmasters who have now become yoga enthusiasts, and last but not the least TM Shaurab who started all this.

Thanks to yoga it has made all my days during this lock down a great success.

Chandrayan P. Shrestha, VPPR, Bodhi Toastmasters, Area A1 CGD

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