I remember traveling to Delhi in June 2019. It was training sessions for the newly appointed area Directors. The weather was equally hot, if not more. We were staying at the Welcome Hotel in Dwarka.   

The next day session started with formal welcome remarks from the District Director and followed by a keynote speech from the International President DTM Deepak Menon. We also had some role briefing and motivational sessions along with some team building activities. By the end of the session, we were all exhaustive but felt immensely productive. We had a sumptuous dinner, and people started to connect.

During one of these networking sessions, I had a conversation with the International President. We were talking about our Toastmasters experience and daily habits. The conversation was so enriching, we started drifting through various topics one of them was the role of Area Director.

I remember asking him what one should do to shine as an area director. What he said next has had a profound impact on me to this day. 

He said, “Just follow the advice of the 11th Doctor. That means to run, run as fast and far as you can. This role is the most challenging role in Toastmasters.” He further added, “As an AD you have to attend area, division, and district meetings, prepare and present reports, conduct events, resolve any conflicts, and help clubs achieve its goals. But if you follow my advice, you would never have a greater opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of people.”

This is the exact message I would like to share with all the leaders of Nepal. The leadership roles you have taken or are deciding to take will not be easy, but it’s worth it. You have an opportunity to build your team and foster collaboration with effective communication. 

Prashant Shrestha, Area A4 Director

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