Insightful Club Visits

Toastmasters clubs are mushrooming at a fast clip in Nepal. Earlier, it was easy to connect with members amongst a handful of clubs. Since its inception in 1991, we grew to 8 curated clubs by June 2017. In 28 months thereafter, we added 14 more. New members, new aspirations, and new challenges dot the Toastmasters […]

Orientation Works!

If you ask the two Agile Area Directors, Prashant Shrestha and Pankaj Pradhananga, on how they opened a club each by 15th Aug 2019, they will swear by ‘orientation program’ before conducting a ‘demo meeting’.  Back in 2017 as an Area Director, I realized that one demo meeting is not enough to make people understand […]

220 @ TLI, Kathmandu

At Division A, we continue to experiment and provide leadership opportunities. The Division events are taken up by different Areas to lead and manage. Area A6 helmed by Area Director Pankaj Pradhanangaorganized Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI), Kathmandu.  Little did we portend its huge success. Combining the Judges Training Program (JTP) and Leadership Training Program (LTP) […]

A Dozen More

I am blessed with 6 awesome Area Directors in Moon, Ravi, Ankit, Prashant, Avish and Pankaj taking responsibility of 3 clubs each in our Division of 18 clubs. Together we will add 12 clubs this year. During my term, there will be an increased focus on improving the overall quality and sustainability of clubs in […]