Leadership is like new shoes

July 1, 2019, You wake up and realize that you are in different shoes altogether. Doors open for newer opportunities and learning, which awaits you on the other side. The role of Area Director was something that came in just like new shoes, and I had to adjust, wear, and make sure I was comfortable […]

Prancing Horses and Practicing Leadership

A horse came galloping down the road. It seemed as though the man on the horse had somewhere important to go. Another man who was standing on the road shouted, “Where are you going?” The man on the horse replied, “I don’t know! Ask the horse!” What sets apart a leader from “the rest” is […]

Why Leadership Roles?

I remember traveling to Delhi in June 2019. It was training sessions for the newly appointed area Directors. The weather was equally hot, if not more. We were staying at the Welcome Hotel in Dwarka.    The next day session started with formal welcome remarks from the District Director and followed by a keynote speech from […]

Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!

“Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!” That was the title of the email that I received on June 19, 2019, from DTM Jennifer Ghosh, District Director (Elect) 2019-2020, District 41. This was the official email recognizing that I was going to be Area Director (AD) for Area A1 for the term 2019-20. I was overjoyed to see that […]

Looking back at the year

When I started my journey as Area A6 Director on 1st July 2019, I had very little idea about what to expect from this leadership journey. Having joined Toastmasters Int’l in 2008, my journey of Toastmasters was more focused on lifting myself. When I was asked to take the challenge of leadership role, I thought […]

Learning as an Area Director

It is said that if you want something in life, you have to lose one thing or the other. However, at Toastmasters it’s the other way around. If you are learning something then learning becomes multiplied two-fold of what you’re currently learning. You do not lose anything.  Such has been my journey as the Area […]

Why Lead at Your Club?

Leaders create impact and can form a sphere of influence even when not in a leadership role or a ‘position’. Yet, as we practice and learn leadership skills, taking up a position is the safest bet to accelerate the learning process. That is what I have learned and experienced, at Toastmasters. Even before I joined […]

Appraising Area A1

When I agreed to lead Area A1, which comprises Bodhi, Everest, and Reliance Toastmasters Club, I knew this was going to be a challenge. I made my area visit to these clubs on 11-13 August 2019. Each is very different; each has its strengths and weaknesses. Everest has many members who are in councils in […]

Consolidation, Creation, and Camaraderie

The journey of the Toastmasters movement in Nepal moves forward each year with greater assurance and stability. With this comes the need to be better organized and prepared to ensure that a greater number of people benefit from joining Toastmasters. This means that each collective level of Toastmasters in Nepal i.e. clubs, areas, division, and […]