150battle and many more to go….

Having to switch from plans of an in-person/in-Bhaktapur joint meeting that had heritage walk and authentic cuisine as cherries on our 150th cake, wasn’t an easy decision for the Club. However, we needed to be cognizant of the spiraling health crisis and prioritized safety of members of both the clubs. Toastmaster Alex was entrusted with […]

Vcitation 2021

2020-21 has been a testing year for all of us. We have been through a lot and as a family Toastmasters fraternity has always been there. The Citation has always and will always be the celebration of being a Toastmaster in Nepal. An unforgettable event that allows members to meet, network, showcase abilities, compete, learn […]

Practice makes perfect

Most skills in life can be acquired or built upon. The same mantra extends to communications as well. There are multiple skills that factor into communications and being an effective communicator requires you to be mindful of many aspects. The evaluators in Toastmasters are there to help each member build on their communications skills and […]

Outstanding Award Winners 2020-21

TM Neil Pandey, Shangrila Toastmasters ClubDivision A A past president of Shangrila Toastmasters Club, Toastmaster Neil is a dental surgeon by profession. He is also the President of the Nepalese Society of Implant Dentistry (NSID) and runs his dental clinics – Healthy Smiles Kathmandu and Smileweavers. Toastmaster Neil has been very supportive of the events […]

Audience Awareness

In a world that is more connected than ever before, there is an increased need to connect. Confused? Let us unpack this a little. While things like timing of your speech or talk time during a conversation are very important, you should always be aware of your audience. Effective communication is all about your audience […]

Tick tock on the Clock

I am sure most of you have heard of the popular phrase “the elevator pitch.” Regardless of which context you heard it in, chances are the implication of the phrase was to ensure you are as succinct with your thoughts as possible when you speak. The phrase the “elevator pitch” stems from the idea of […]

Crutch words

Whether you are having a one on one conversation or speaking in front of a crowd of thousands or anything in between, the way you speak can greatly determine the influence you have as a speaker. Umm what does that mean? Like did that make sense? So, so, what do you mean by the way […]

Comfort level

In communication, it is not just the what and why you are saying things that is important. How you illustrate your point is equally important. Your non verbal communication cues play a big part in projecting your comfort level with the audience. But, beyond that your comfort level in any communication setting is largely determined […]

In between the lines

Have you ever browsed through a food video? Or watched a food show on TV? Chances are you have. If you think about the food they cook, the presentation is always carefully curated. After the food is made, the dish is well displayed. Then the cook goes on to taste the food and reacts with […]