Professionals Toastmasters celebrates 100th meeting

Professional Toastmasters Club, founded in 2019, celebrated its 100th meeting on 23rd November 2022. For the last three years, the club has been a platform for developing leadership and communication skills for many professionals from diverse backgrounds like financial institutions, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and entrepreneurs. The club reached the 100th meeting milestone despite the difficulties […]

Bodhi Toastmasters Club celebrates 100th meeting

“The Best Project You’ll Ever Work on is You”. Driven by this theme and an undeniable passion for continuing the journey of leadership and public speaking, the members of Bodhi Toastmasters Club celebrated it’s 100 meeting milestone on the evening of 3rd August, via video conferencing. The Club was chartered in January 2018 and comprised […]

A History in Making

The 37th Club Meeting was scheduled for Bhaktapur Toastmasters Club on 23rd May 2020 at its regular time, 8:30 am. Due to the prevailing COVID-19 situation and the lockdown, we were preparing our meeting on Zoom with the support from the District and Division Officers.  We had already started letting participants in by 8:00 am. […]

Transcending Boundaries

The amalgamation of clubs from different international boundaries of Toastmasters International took place on the virtual platform during the time of the Global Pandemic on 2nd June 2020, which was organized by toastmasters from Mauritius, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Nepal. The meeting started precisely at 7:05 pm NPT with an opening address by the […]

A Glimpse into Division Director’s Club Visits

June 2019 was the time when I was approached for the position of Division Secretary. I knew it would be challenging; I knew it would be difficult. But I didn’t know what was in store for me. Reality struck me when then Division A Director elect Suman Shakya expressed his wish to visit the existing […]

Bankers Gather for a Joint Meeting

All four Toastmasters Clubs in commercial banks of Nepal conducted the first ever Joint Bankers Meeting on 12th June 2020. Laxmi Bank Toastmasters Club, Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Toastmasters Club, Sanima Bank Toastmasters Club and Prabhu Bank Toastmasters Club came together to conduct the historic online meeting that featured around 100 participants, that included members […]

A Global Meeting of Toastmasters

A global meeting of Toastmasters was successfully hosted by Nepal on the 28th of April. There were participants from 12 countries with 173 participants, it truly became an important MICE event while the lockdown was still on. With the most common platform available, it was indeed a virtual meeting over zoom with the keynote speech […]

Synchrony Six

At the time when the whole world is dealing with COVID-19 pandemic, regular Toastmasters meetings were obviously not possible as we have to maintain social distancing to protect not only ourselves but others as well.  To resolve this, Toastmasters came up with a fantastic idea of using an online platform to meet up; however, it […]